electrical projects based on agriculture

How would we use engineering skills to improve the productivity of the agriculture sector? Here we have a list of electrical projects based on agriculture that could help out the farmers a lot.

Agriculture is the practice of cultivating plants, raising animals, and producing food, fiber, and other agricultural products for human consumption and use. It is a vital sector that provides food security, raw materials, and livelihoods for a significant portion of the global population.

The application of modern science in agriculture helps to improve the yield, minimize the effort and improve the yield.

Electrical projects based on agriculture can improve the productivity of farmers and help them a lot. Here we discuss a few innovative electrical projects based on agriculture.

The listed projects are helpful for both electrical and agricultural engineering students. A brief explanation of each topic is also given below. New projects can also be developed from the given topics.


#1 High-efficient solar irrigation system

Some large fields make use of the electricity from photovoltaic systems for irrigation purposes.

Generated electricity runs electric pumps to irrigate the field at the required rate. The irrigation system can be automated to make it more efficient.

So, different projects can be developed based on the solar irrigation system. For example, automated solar irrigation systems, solar and thermal integrated irrigation systems, etc.

#2 Plant moisture monitoring system

A project to monitor the moisture of plats would be developed using a microcontroller and humidity sensor. Based on the value obtained from the humidity sensor the system could indicate the moisture status of the plant.

#3 Automatic irrigation system using micro biogas plant

An automatic irrigation system using renewable sources of energy is an environment-friendly electrical engineering project based on agriculture. The development of a biogas plant and running electric motors on biogas-based electricity could be a good project.

The feasibility and efficiency of the system have to be studied before starting the project.

#4 Automatic moisture and temperature-controlling system

Moisture and temperature are two factors that affect the growth of plants. Automatic monitoring and control of temperature help the greenhouse tent a lot.

The project can be done using temperature sensors, humidity sensors, microcontrollers, and other components.

Automation in agriculture could help the farmers a lot. This could help other people also to get involved in the agriculture sector.

#5 Seed dryer using a photovoltaic system

A photovoltaic system-based seed dryer can be one of the best electrical projects based on agriculture.

Instead of using the direct temperature from the sun, electricity generated from the solar panels installed in the field can be used for drying the seeds.

Dehumidification of the stored crops can also be done using this dryer.

#6 Automatic Plowing and seeding robots

Automatic seeding robots continuously seed in the field and navigate from one side to another using ultrasonic sensors.

You can use other techniques such as voice commands in robots for seeding and plowing.

#7 Water level sensor for agriculture field tank

An automatic tank filling system using a water level sensor can be developed to maintain a minimum of water in the overhead tank in a field.

A motor pump runs and fills the tank when the water level goes below a predefined level.

#8 Solar-powered plowing robot

Renewable energy source-powered robots do not result in environmental pollution. A plowing robot that uses solar energy can be developed for a field.

You can use Arduino or other microcontrollers to deploy the algorithm for its operation.

#9 Wind and Solar integrated irrigation system for a field

A wind and solar integrated system is a good electric project that is applicable in the field of agriculture.

Connecting the two systems, storing energy in the battery, convert and using the energy to irrigate the field are challenging parts of the topic.


Electrical projects based on agriculture would help to improve the productivity of the laborers in the field.

Automated irrigation systems and other projects highly encourage electrical enthusiasts to do something for agriculture.