Electrical Engineering Projects

There is a notion that it’s not always easy to find topics for electrical engineering projects. But it’s not difficult to find the best list of projects for academics. The topic that you select for the academic project has to be innovative and novel.

When you start searching for a topic you might feel difficult to find the topic. The topic listed on many websites and other resources would have already been implemented by someone.

The best way I suggest to find an Electrical Engineering Project topic is that you try yourself and find your topic!

Here I’m going to tell you the secret that I use to find the best electrical engineering projects.

If you follow the right way to search for the electrical project topics then it will be easier to find one. I feel it is quite easy to search and decide on a project topic if you already have an idea about the field where you have to do the project.


Let’s break down the steps to find more than 100 project topics in less than one hour in the area where you like to do the project. Here are the 5 steps to follow.

  1. Develop a rough idea about the field of the project
  2. Read a few international journal papers and find if any idea pops up
  3. Search for the research papers that explain the idea in your mind
  4. Think about what new you can do and write down the project topics
  5. Finalize your project and write a project proposal

#1 Develop a rough idea about the field of the project

Developing a rough idea about the field of the project is the first step to finding electrical engineering projects for your academics.

For example,  renewable energy, electric drive, electric vehicle, power system, electric vehicle to grid, power electronics converters, etc. could be the field of project

Here, I select Vehicle to Grid as my field of project. I’m interested in electric vehicles and I studied power systems as my major. So I select “Electric vehicle to grid” as the field.

#2 Read international journal papers and find if any idea pops up

I have a few ideas such as peak load demand minimization in power systems, load factor manipulation using grid-connected vehicles, etc.

In the second step, we are going to collect and read some international journal papers on the topic vehicle to grid.

Below is a list of some journals that you may consider reading.

These are highly reputed journals that are accessible from most of the educational institutions.

From the titles of journal papers itself, we get a lot of project ideas. But those topics have already been taken!

We should not go for this list of projects.

What we can do is modify the way the idea is already implemented. Introduce innovative methods to solve problems and find new topics.

From the search results, we could list a few project topics

  • Bi-directional converter for Grid-connected electric vehicle
  • Microgrid stability analysis for grid connection (Not related to EV)
  • Grid synchronization for a large number of EV to Grid connection
  • Impact of Vehicle to Grid on distribution transformers
  • Charging cost minimization strategy for EV charging (Develop multiple algorithms by taking into account electrical tariff)
  • Electric vehicle charging pattern analysis and demand-side energy management
  • Etc.
  • Etc.

The list goes on…

#3 Search for the research papers that explains the idea in your mind

If you get an idea for a project, then read all papers related to that idea and find out if they have already covered the topic in the way you think of.

This is the step where we focus on finding 100-plus electrical engineering projects in the field in which we are interested.

In step 4 itself, we could find a few topics. Now we expand the list by searching and exploring each of the topics in detail.

For example, let’s go deep on the first topic we listed in step #2 — “Bi-directional converter for grid-connected electric vehicle”.

The idea here is to charge the electric vehicles when connected to the grid (charging stations/home) and supply energy to the grid when necessary.

Search for all topics that explain bi-directional chargers for electric vehicles. Then list out the projects related to your ideas.

#4 Think about what new you can do and write down the project topics

The bidirectional charger for an electric vehicle can be developed with a lot of advancements.

Switching loss minimization, harmonic reduction, optimal energy conversion, etc. are a few modifications that we can do on the bidirectional charger for electric vehicle grid connection.

So, we develop a few more topics from “Bidirectional converter for grid-connected electric vehicle”

  • Bidirectional converter with minimal switching losses for grid-connected electric vehicle
  • Harmonic analysis with bidirectional converter for EV and development of low noise converter
  • Economic charging of EV using a bidirectional converter
  • Impact of the bidirectional converter on the power factor
  • Power quality improvements for a bidirectional converter for grid-connected electric vehicles
  • etc.

#5 Finalize the project and write a project proposal

We could list more than 100 project topics (most of them are innovative and with your signature :-)).

Now it’s a crucial step to select the most suitable one from the list of electrical engineering projects for your BTech, MTech, or PhD.

From the list of topics select the most appropriate, relevant, innovative, and interesting topic that is practical to do.

We have a post How to write a project proposal that no one can reject! for you to read.


Electrical engineering projects for engineering students, diploma students, masters of engineering students, and research scholars can easily find out using the steps that we discussed.

What you have to do is, just follow the five steps that we explained above.

How many project topics could you find in your field of interest?