Electrical MiniProjects

A list of electrical mini projects with simple hardware circuits is listed here. Mini projects generally require less effort than major projects and a few among the list can be extended to a main project for electrical engineering.

We may discuss them in detail in another post. We could use the concepts in electrical engineering in innovative projects.

Electronics mini-projects are something different from electrical mini-projects.

What are the differences?

We are not focusing on embedded system projects here. Even though a few projects are based on embedded systems, most of the projects are planned to cover the concepts in electrical engineering.

A List of Electrical Mini Projects

These are the list of electrical mini projects that you can do easily.

  • Solar-powered night lamp with auto power on
  • Automatic streetlight
  • Automatic solar tracker to make the solar panel face sun always
  • Visitor sensing welcome mat using piezo electric material
  • Burglar alarm
  • Automatic fire detection system for restaurant kitchen
  • Solar-powered smart traffic lighting system
  • Wireless mobile charging system – you can read more about wireless charging of electric vehicles here
  • Robotic arm
  • Fridge door alarm
  • Digital voltmeter using Analog to Digital converter
  • Smart battery charging system for photovoltaic cell
  • Overload protection system for motors and transformers
  • Over voltage protection for electric motors
  • DC – DC converter for solar mobile charging
  • Room temperature measurement system
  • Automatic induction motor starter for industrial applications
  • Star-Delta switching of electric motor for efficiency improvement
  • Uninterruptible power supply using renewable sources – solar, wind
  • Automatic load scheduling using microcontroller (Run motors at night etc. to reduce peak load demand)
  • Four quadrant DC motor control for electric drives
  • Automatic illumination control in the office
  • Regenerative braking demonstration
  • Solar-powered water pump
  • SVPWM inverter for motor drive
  • Wireless mobile charging from a car
  • Automatic induction motor starter
  • GPS-based cooling trigger for electric cars
  • Automatic gate opener using radio frequency sensors
  • Stepper motor control using a microcontroller
  • Over voltage circuit breaker and load monitoring system
  • Transformer protection demonstration
  • Fault detection in electric motor
  • LED driver circuit
  • Gate automation system for home
  • Advanced electric scooter charger
  • Automatic pump controller (water level detector)
  • Low cost sphygmomanometer
  • Line follower robot
  • voice controlled robot
  • Solar powered pump for garden


We have listed a few electrical mini-projects for engineering students. The listed projects can be extended to the main projects also.

You can find more than one project from each topic listed here. For example, consider the topic “An automatic induction motor starter”.

The starter could be of various kinds –a starter may be developed for a single-phase induction motor or three-phase induction motor, the starter may be star-delta, direct online, etc.

So, the number of project topics increases as you think about it more

Key points

  • A list of electrical engineering mini-projects are presented
  • You can find more ideas from each topic listed
  • Some projects can be extended to main projects also