Research Paper Topics in Electrical Engineering

Electrical research paper topics in the field of electric vehicles, renewable energy sources, machines, and power electronics are listed here. It’s a list of topics and each topic may be extended to many projects.

And each project can break down into many small mini-projects and major projects for electrical engineering. Research paper topics in electrical engineering would be helpful for MTech, Ph.D., and Engineering students.


Here is the list of topics that you can use for electrical engineering research

  1. Solar–thermal integrated system for power generation
  2. Effect of temperature on photovoltaic energy conversion
  3. Solar charging stations and impact on power system
  4. Maximum power point tracking for electric car solar charging stations
  5. Sparse matrix rectifier for efficiency improvement of photovoltaic conversion
  6. Development of a novel Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm for solar systems
  7. Rooftop solar power generation for educational institutions
  8. DC-DC converter for DC power grid
  9. DC power transmission and multiphase power transmission
  10. Power quality analysis of micro grid-connected power grid
  11. Micro grid integration and stain in power transmission lines
  12. Harmonic elimination in SVPWM inverter
  13. Power quality issues in UPS systems
  14. Wind power station and grid harmonics elimination
  15. Reluctance motor speed control
  16. Temperature estimation of induction motor and material selection for the motor
  17. Comparison of inverter circuit switching losses for PMSM and Induction motor drives
  18. Regenerative braking efficiency in electric cars
  19. Impact of regenerative braking on electric vehicle battery
  20. Life analysis of electric vehicle battery
  21. Regenerative braking using supercapacitor battery combination
  22. Transformer load management in vehicle-to-grid connection
  23. Peak load shaving using Vehicle to Grid connection
  24. Switching loss minimization in the converter of Grid-connected electric cars
  25. Fault detection and clearing (Power System Stabilization) using Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU)
  26. Substation Automation using WiFI
  27. Power quality improvements when EV charging in a microgrid
  28. Smart charging for electric vehicles
  29. Microgrid to grid integration techniques for power system stability
  30. Renewable source integration with power factor correction


A list of electrical research paper topics is presented in this post. The list opens doors to a number of other research topics in electrical engineering. Thinking about each topic in detail would help you out to find more topics in electrical engineering.

The post focus on power system, electrical vehicle, renewable energy, and motor related topics. Follow us to get more electrical engineering related project ideas.