simple electrical projects

Simple electrical projects offer a fantastic opportunity to learn and apply fundamental concepts of circuits, components, and systems. Engaging in hands-on projects not only deepens your understanding of electrical principles but also fosters a sense of accomplishment as you bring your ideas to life.

In this blog post, we will explore a diverse range of simple electrical projects suitable for beginners. These projects require basic components, are easy to understand, and don’t demand extensive prior knowledge or complex equipment. Whether you’re a complete novice or have some experience with electronics, you’ll find plenty of exciting projects to spark your curiosity.


Simple electrical projects that could be possible to do by electrical students and hobbyists are listed below

  1. Wireless mobile charging circuit
  2. Automatic temperature control of a room
  3. Burglar alarm
  4. Automatic water level monitoring system for tanks
  5. LED Blinking Circuit
  6. Light-Activated Switch
  7. Water Level Indicator
  8. Doorbell Circuit
  9. Automatic Street Light
  10. Clap Switch
  11. Temperature Controlled Fan
  12. Battery Charger
  13. FM Radio Circuit
  14. Digital Dice
  15. LED Blinking Circuit
  16. Light-Activated Switch
  17. Water Level Indicator
  18. Doorbell Circuit
  19. Automatic Street Light
  20. Clap Switch
  21. Temperature Controlled Fan
  22. Battery Charger
  23. FM Radio Circuit
  24. Digital Dice
  25. IR Remote Control Tester
  26. Traffic Light Controller
  27. Morse Code Generator
  28. Touch Sensor Circuit
  29. Voltage Doubler Circuit
  30. Fire Alarm Circuit
  31. Infrared (IR) Proximity Sensor
  32. Rain Alarm Circuit
  33. Time Delay Circuit
  34. Metal Detector Circuit
  35. Solar Panel Charger
  36. Air Quality Monitor
  37. Overheat Protection for Appliances
  38. Motion Sensor Light
  39. DC Motor Speed Control
  40. Simple Audio Amplifier
  41. Electronic Dice
  42. Light Dimmer Circuit
  43. Soil Moisture Sensor
  44. Door Security Alarm
  45. Laser Security System
  46. Digital Thermometer
  47. Water Flow Sensor
  48. Capacitance Meter
  49. Voltage Inverter Circuit
  50. Electronic Voting Machine
  51. Digital Clock Circuit
  52. Temperature and Humidity Monitor
  53. Automatic Room Lights
  54. Wireless Power Transfer
  55. Touchless Water Tap
  56. Solar Tracker
  57. Sound-Activated LED Circuit
  58. Voltage Stabilizer Circuit
  59. Digital Tachometer
  60. Automatic Plant Watering System
  61. Traffic Density Analyzer
  62. Electronic Letter Box
  63. Bluetooth Speaker
  64. Ultrasonic Distance Meter
  65. Line Follower Robot
  66. Voice Changer Circuit
  67. RFID-based Door Lock System
  68. Wireless Doorbell Circuit
  69. Solar Mobile Charger
  70. Wireless FM Transmitter
  71. Infrared Remote Control Extender
  72. Windmill Power Generator
  73. Sound Level Meter
  74. Touchscreen Based Home Automation
  75. Auto Intensity Control of Street Lights
  76. Electronic Dice Game
  77. RF Signal Detector
  78. Digital Voltmeter
  79. Smart Energy Meter
  80. Wireless Temperature Monitoring System
  81. Light Seeking Robot
  82. Auto Turn-off Battery Charger
  83. Electronic Eye Security System
  84. Bluetooth Controlled Robot
  85. Voice-Activated Home Automation
  86. Obstacle Avoiding Robot
  87. Wireless Water Level Controller
  88. Data Logger System
  89. RFID-based Attendance System
  90. GPS-based Vehicle Tracking System
  91. Digital Ammeter
  92. Infrared Remote Control for Home Appliances
  93. Fire Fighting Robot
  94. Mobile Jammer Circuit
  95. Bluetooth Door Lock System
  96. Smart Traffic Light System
  97. Electronic Cricket Scoreboard
  98. Solar Water Heater Controller
  99. Bluetooth Controlled Light Switch
  100. Infrared Motion Detector
  101. Digital Frequency Meter
  102. Robot Arm Control
  103. Bluetooth Robotic Car
  104. PIR Sensor-based Security System
  105. Password-Protected Door Lock System
  106. Rainwater Harvesting System
  107. Ultrasonic Pest Repellent
  108. Solar-Powered Automatic Irrigation System
  109. Bluetooth Controlled Home Automation
  110. Smart Doorbell with Camera
  111. Motorized Camera Slider
  112. Digital Power Factor Meter
  113. Hand Gesture Controlled Robot
  114. Voice Controlled Home Automation


A list of simple electrical engineering projects is listed in the post. Most of the listed projects are based on simple concepts of electrical engineering and are easy-to-do projects. They can be developed as mini projects or can be extended to major projects by adding innovative ideas.


  • A list of engineering projects is presented
  • Most of the projects need a little effort
  • Projects can be extended as major projects