Major projects for electrical engineering

Electrical engineering projects for final-year engineering students are explained in this post. A hardware plus simulation project would be good for getting a high score.

An important aspect of major projects for electrical engineering is to make the graduate student apply the knowledge that he/she gained during the course.

Innovative ideas, creative thinking, useful project implementation, timely completion, etc. are the factors that are considered when doing the project.

Here we explain a few projects for electrical engineering students that they can do easily. We are not explaining the theories behind the project in detail in this post.

The objective is to provide you with some ideas about the topics in electrical engineering projects. You could find the theory of the concepts in the projects from textbooks.


#1. Maximum power point tracking of PV cells and comparative study of two algorithms

Photo voltaic cell converts light energy directly to electrical energy through the process called photovoltaic energy conversion. The efficiency of photovoltaic energy conversion is less than that of most other methods of electricity generation.

If you are interested in the field of applied physics and material science you could take part in the research to find the best photovoltaic material.

Our project aims to draw the maximum power from a photovoltaic system by changing the voltage and current drawn from it. How could it draw maximum power? Read more about MPPT here. There are many algorithms used for maximum power point tracking of photovoltaic modules.

Examples are Perturb and Observe, Incremental Conductance, Current sweep, and Constant Voltage.

In this project, we can develop a photovoltaic converter with a maximum power point tracking algorithm. You can test the performance of the circuit with two or more algorithms.

Research scope: Develop a novel algorithm for Maximum Power Point Tracking

#2. Four quadrant speed control of BLDC motor for electric scooter

Brushless DC motors are used in electric vehicles due to a few advantages that they have over induction machines. Speed control of induction motors for an electric scooter would be one of the good major projects for electrical engineering graduates.

Four modes of operation of a BLDC motor are forward accelerating, reverse braking, regenerative accelerating, and forward braking.

#3. Line follower robot with obstacles sensing

The line follower robot is a basic robotic project a student does with the robot kit. Line follower robots can be used to carry loads in industries from one location to another.

Obstacle sensing can be added to the line follower robot to avoid the collision of the robot with any obstacles that come across the path accidentally. Optical sensor proximity sensors can be used for the same according to your logic and convenience.

#4. Bidirectional converter for electric vehicle applications

Charging stations are a vital part of an electric vehicle. Home charging stations, Private charging stations, and public charging stations are commonly used for EV charging. The grid connection of electric vehicles is a research topic that has a lot to be explored. A bidirectional charging circuit that can flow charge from and to the battery would be a good electrical engineering final-year project.

#5. Pedal-powered energy generator

Cycling is an exercise that burns calories and shapes the body. The energy that dissipated in the exercise bike can be converted to electricity and stored in a battery.

The demonstration of the project would be something like this – Convert the energy from the cycling exercise to electricity, Convert it to DC and store it in a battery (Develop projection and charging circuits for battery), and Utilize the energy using an inverter circuit.

Detailed analysis of energy consumption, the potential of energy harvesting from the Gym, etc. would be the extension of the project.

#6. Multilevel inverter for Home UPS

A multilevel inverter could provide AC from low-voltage DC. A multilevel inverter would be a power electronics-based academic project. Harmonic reduction, switching loss minimization, etc. are the research areas related to the multilevel inverter.

#7. Balancing of Inverted pendulum

Concepts of the non-linear control system are well applicable in balancing a rod on the fingertip. A project can be done to balance a rod in the vertical direction.

The degree of motion can be limited to 2 for simplicity. As far the engineering projects are concerned, this would be a good project where the concepts of control systems are applied.


We shortly described 7 major projects for electrical engineering students. Most of the projects are old projects but we have chances to add our innovation to the topic.

Even though the number of topics presented here is 7, the total number of projects that could develop from the list is much more. Each topic can be expanded to several projects.

Wish you all the best.


  • 7 Major projects for electrical engineering are described
  • Topics from power systems, power electronics, machines, and control systems are listed