Electrical Projects for Diploma

In this blog post, we present a collection of electrical projects for diploma students. Each project topic aligns with the curriculum and provides you with a comprehensive understanding of key concepts.

These projects cover a wide range of topics, including circuit design, automation, renewable energy, communication systems, and more. From basic to advanced levels, you’ll find projects suitable for various stages of your diploma program.

By engaging in these projects, you will gain hands-on experience in working with components such as resistors, capacitors, microcontrollers, sensors, and power systems. You’ll learn how to design, assemble, and troubleshoot circuits, laying a solid foundation for your future career in the electrical industry.


  1. Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor Counter
  2. Three-Phase Fault Analysis with Auto Reset on Temporary Faults
  3. Home Automation System using Arduino
  4. Smart Energy Meter with GSM Technology
  5. RFID Based Security System
  6. Power Factor Monitoring and Control System
  7. Solar Tracking System
  8. Digital Tachometer using Arduino
  9. Temperature Controlled Fan using Microcontroller
  10. Street Light Intensity Control using LDR and Arduino
  11. Automatic Irrigation System using Soil Moisture Sensor
  12. Fire Alarm System using Arduino
  13. Power Theft Detection and Intimation System
  14. Speed Control of DC Motor using PWM Technique
  15. Wireless Power Transfer
  16. Home Energy Management System
  17. Bluetooth Controlled Home Automation System
  18. Traffic Light Control System using PLC
  19. Wireless Data Transmission using Zigbee
  20. Automatic Plant Watering System
  21. Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring System
  22. Automatic Solar Tracker
  23. Digital Voltmeter using Arduino
  24. Water Level Indicator and Controller using Arduino
  25. Automatic Street Light Control System using LDR and RTC
  26. Solar Power Generation with Auto Tracking System
  27. Bidirectional Visitor Counter using IR Sensors
  28. Automated Railway Level Crossing Gate Control System
  29. Home Security System using GSM and PIR Sensor
  30. Overvoltage and Under Voltage Protection System
  31. Automatic Power Factor Correction using Capacitor Bank
  32. Light Dimmer using Triac and Arduino
  33. Mobile Controlled Robot
  34. Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System using IoT
  35. Solar Inverter with Battery Management System
  36. Voice Controlled Home Automation System
  37. Wireless Gas Leakage Detector
  38. Automatic Car Parking System
  39. Room Temperature and Humidity Controller
  40. Multi-Level Car Parking System
  41. Digital Code Lock using Arduino
  42. Wireless Electronic Notice Board
  43. Ultrasonic Distance Measurement System
  44. Fire Fighting Robot
  45. Traffic Density Analyzer using Image Processing
  46. Wireless Home Security System
  47. Bidirectional Visitor Counter with 7-Segment Display
  48. Solar Street Light with Auto Intensity Control
  49. Temperature Controlled DC Fan using Thermistor
  50. Home Automation using Internet of Things (IoT)
  51. Voice Recognition Based Home Automation System
  52. Fire Monitoring System using Arduino
  53. Automatic Railway Gate Control System
  54. Gas Leakage Detection and Auto Switch Off System
  55. Room Light Intensity Controller using LDR
  56. Motor Speed Control using TV Remote
  57. Bluetooth Controlled Robot Car
  58. Ultrasonic Sensor-based Water Level Controller
  59. Auto Intensity Control of LED Street Lights
  60. Home Automation using Raspberry Pi
  61. RFID Based Attendance System
  62. Wireless DC Motor Speed and Direction Control
  63. Touchless Car Wash System
  64. Power Grid Synchronization
  65. Water Level Controller using Float Switch
  66. Automatic Emergency Light System
  67. Bluetooth Controlled Electronic Home Appliances
  68. Theft Intimation of the Vehicle over SMS
  69. Touch Screen Based Home Automation System
  70. Underground Cable Fault Distance Locator
  71. GSM Based Energy Meter Reading with Load Control
  72. Solar Powered LED Street Light with Auto Intensity Control
  73. Biometric Attendance System
  74. Motor Speed Control using PID Algorithm
  75. Solar Mobile Charger
  76. Automatic Solar Garden Light
  77. Vehicle Tracking and Locking System
  78. Home Automation using Voice Recognition
  79. Power Theft Detection and Indication
  80. Speed Control of Induction Motor using VFD
  81. Smart Traffic Light Control System using PLC
  82. PIR Sensor-based Energy Conservation System
  83. Auto Intensity Control of LED Lights using Arduino
  84. Industrial Automation using PLC
  85. Wireless Home Automation System using DTMF
  86. Over/Under Voltage Protection System for Home Appliances
  87. AC Power Controller with Programmable Interface
  88. Solar Powered Air Cooler
  89. Digital Code Lock with LCD and Keypad using Arduino
  90. Home Automation using Wi-Fi
  91. Traffic Signal Priority for Emergency Vehicles
  92. Solar Water Pumping System
  93. PC-Based Home Automation System
  94. SMS-based Home Automation System
  95. Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System
  96. Energy Management System using IoT
  97. Power Generation using Speed Breakers
  98. Bluetooth Controlled Robotic Arm
  99. Automatic Toll Collection System using RFID
  100. Touch Screen Based Remote Controlled Robot


I hope this list of electrical projects for diploma students helped you to choose the academic project that could do easily.

If you would like to do a detailed research project, then you may check out other posts on this blog.